I’m Pierre Stoffe, a freelance Web Designer

I’m a freelance Web Designer from Huy, Belgium with skills ranging from UI and UX design to front-end & Wordpress development. I also have a strong interest in helping startups and small/medium-sized businesses build unique and efficient digital identities.

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Giftt is a platform for managing and sharing wishlists. It helps people keeping track of every gift idea they have while browsing the Internet, sharing them with their friends and family and keeping some secret.

I designed and developed Giftt in the context of my final project. Today the platform is being rewritten from scratch so please send me any feedback or feature request you have.

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Geotop is an international landsurveyor office active in all domains of the geomatic and topography sectors. In the process of rejuvenating the company, they asked me to:

  1. line up their website with their (beautiful) new identity

  2. make it easy to add and edit content

  3. optimize the website for all screen sizes
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Alizée Warnier

Alizée is a talented graphic designer from Liège, Belgium and a very good friend of mine. She asked for my help to build a simple, flexible website and showcase her delightful work.

We collaborated on the birth of her personal space for almost two months and ended up giving life to this beautiful, unique space.

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